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I did come close to dying a couple of days after my amputation surgery and my whole family was called in. However, I do not hold all the beliefs of the Southern Baptist. Fortunately a friend of mine rushed me to the hospital and they made me drink warm water so I would vomit up the overdose of pills I had taken.Author, TV Personality & Public Speaker Fort Wayne, Indiana Cam Tribolet is many things—a living miracle, an amputee, a husband and father, a public speaker, a TV personality, a hunter, a skier, a volunteer, an architectural engineer — a man with an amazing story.It is still as strong as it was when the amputation took place.I walk a lot on crutches without the artificial leg at home and do a lot of yard work. I do a lot of hoeing, planting and weeding which gives me a lot of exercise. I was not interested in playing sports before my amputation. I had convinced myself that God was punishing me for being gay. Is that scene in the movie "My Left Foot" where Daniel Day Lewis has the dream where he is breaking free of all his leg braces and running in slow motion with an ecstatic look on his face a powerful scene for you? I look forward to heaven where I will be free to run again. I tell everyone I have to be tough because I cannot run away from danger.Since that season, Cam has never embraced the term “handicapped;” instead, he has used his life to inspire others.He began hunting in 1989, and in 1996 became a volunteer for Buckmasters American Deer Foundation (BADF).

I also went through the phase of wanting to get married and raise a family and push my gayness into the background. I always had enough faith in God, that he would spare my life. I attend a small rural baptist church whose members are mostly kin to me. "Yes, in fact I tried to kill myself while in college when I had those feelings.Or do they literally just cut a clean line right straight through the leg and bone?How it would affect my parents, two brothers and three sisters. However, from time to time, I suffer from nerve spasms that are very painful and have to take pain killer pills.A sheet of plastic is heated up in an oven and pulled over a pre-formed mold to create a test socket.This is what an amputee patient wears until it is the right time for them to get a permanent prosthesis.

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