Audrey bitoni christmas dating

Xander won't be playing in the World Cup but, he'll be scoring one for the home team today!

Most athletes can date just about anyone that they want.

From high-profile actresses to Instagram models, they have options. So why does it seem like so many of them turn to adult film stars when they're looking for love?

Over the course of the last 20 years, there have been quite a few athletes from different sports who have dated porn stars.

There are also way dirtier photos on Girls of DBB if you are baller enough to spend a month.

I finally got some one on one time with Asphyxia Noir!

Some of their relationships have been serious, while others have been sexual in nature (because ).

But more and more, athletes like Notre Dame wide receiver Justin Brent and Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Michael Del Zotto—who have both been connected to porn star Lisa Ann in the last few weeks—have added adult film stars to their Little Black Books.

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You can feel the passion between these two in every move and every moment they spend with skin t...

Here's A History of Athletes (Allegedly) Dating Adult Films Stars.

Who's going to end up dating a porn star next?!

He goes on to brag a little about the one he's banging every time he comes down.

She just happens to be the one to take their order and Xander's dad introduces the two.

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