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The four words were never put in any of the scripts that we read, so not everybody knew those four words.At some point in the process, Amy and Dan [Palladino] took me aside and told me.Some fans were upset that Logan and Rory were back together but Logan has a fiancée.

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Despite being one of the popular actors of American television industry, his name has been linked up with very few actresses.

" They clearly haven't seen each other for a while, with Lorelai commenting, "Missed ya kid", and Rory saying she can't stay long because she's got to fly to London for work.

That's the short version: in typical At the Netflix conference in LA, where the footage was unveiled, Lauren Graham (Lorelai) and Alexis Bidel (Rory) were both grilled on what romantic adventures were in store for their characters.

I haven't slept in days, so I can't be held accountable for anything that I say!

PHOTOS: Gilmore Girls cast -- then and now But before reminiscing about Logan's charm and oh, that devilish grin, Czuchry answered a question about his character's epic proposal. Stars Hollow lovers were left shocked and heartbroken when Rory (Alexis Bledel) turned down Logan's proposal in season 7, which turned out to be the show's penultimate episode in 2007.

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