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Process optimization and IT management is getting an especially important and demanding task.

We helped one of our customers to increase his operating performance significantly by improving the production process in these areas: The stock lists and production schedules are processed and released at a single point by implementing the manufacturing specifications.

Carrie Denny, 41, was raised in a small, conservative town in Tennessee, and she always considered herself pro-life.

Young faces appear at every event, a sure sign that the movement is growing not older, but younger.A significant body of polling data dating back to the 1970s finds that young adults are less likely than their older counterparts to identify as “pro-life.” The mainstream media often gives these surveys plenty of attention.They often like to portray the pro-life position as unpopular among the young and argue that the pro-life position is poised to lose ground in the future.Dynamic young speakers share the truth about such topics as chastity, Christian dating, abortion, and adoption.Since its beginning, YFL has enthusiastically spread the pro-life message to thousands of students in parish schools and CCD classes, high schools, youth groups, and colleges.

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