Updating kernel in linux mint 12

Linus Torvalds Officially Announces the Release of Linux Kernel 4.8 Linus Torvalds proudly announced the release and availability for download of the Linux 4.8 kernel branch, which is now the latest stable and most advanced one.

Linux kernel 4.8 has been in development for the past two months, during which it received no less than eight Release Candidate testing versions that early adopters were able to compile and install on their GNU/Linux operating system to test various hardware components or simply report bugs...

Very often, updating a kernel also fixes many issues, brings stability improvements, and updates the drivers.

If you’re running a Ubuntu-based Linux distro, you’re in for a treat.

11.6% of changes made by the employees of Intel, the same prepared by the staff of Linaro.

It was hailed as the biggest ever Linux release, thanks to the large chunk of code pushed in the form of AMD GPU register definition files and Project Ara’s “greybus.” Breaking down the whole code, the majority of Linux 4.9 code consists of drivers, arch updates, documentation, file systems, generic networking, etc.Short Bytes: Linux kernel 4.9 was released on December 11, and it brought along numerous hardware improvements.The Ubuntu and Linux Mint users can download the packages, install them using Terminal, and enjoy using Linux kernel 4.9 in no time.So Linux 4.9 is out, and the merge window for 4.10 is thus open.With the extra week for 4.9, the timing for the merge window is obviously a bit awkward, and it technically closes in two weeks on Christmas Day.

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